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Blast One-Shot Screen Opener

Blast One-Shot Screen Opener


  • $ 695


BLAST - “ONE SHOT” is formulated to instantaneously dissolve ink in the image area. It is ideal for use with plastisol, multi-purpose (solvent-based), UV, and vinyl ink systems. BLAST - “ONE SHOT” works fast and effectively to reduce down time and speed up production.

Product Advantages:
  • Fast drying
  • Works on a variety on inks
  • Instantly dissolves ink
  • Ideal for opening-up image area
  • Leaves no residue
  • High solvency
  • Mesh safe
  • Does not contain “Ozone Depleting Chemicals”

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Tech Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

APPLICATION: Shake can prior to use. Point valve and spray from a distance of 6-8 inches while holding a rag underneath the screen. Wipe both sides of the screen with a rag until all residue is gone. Repeat if necessary.

AVAILABLE SIZES: 15 oz. Can, 12 x 1 Can Cases

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