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Burgundy (#1127)

Burgundy (#1127)

Triangle Ink

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The Triangle Inks Tri-Flex 1100 series, multi-purpose plastisol inks are formulated for direct wet-on-wet screen printing on apparel and also may be used for the limited manufacture of Hot-Peel plastisol transfers. This series comprises the most extensive range of standard colors, non-fluorescent and fluorescent, Metallics, Glitters and other effects.


RECOMMENDED SCREEN: An 110T monofilament is the popular choice; direct printing may also employ the use of mesh sizes 60T to 280T monofilament or equivalent.

CURING: Best achieved at 315° F to 330°F depending on ink deposit, fabric type, ink color and dryer efficiency. Failure to properly cure is the primary reason for ink adhesion failure. Thick ink deposits do require more energy (longer dwell time) to cure, similarly a 100% cotton fabric because of its high moisture content will reduce curing efficiency compared to a 50/50 cotton polyester mix. Dark colors absorb heat and cure faster than light colors. Colors, which reflect heat – metallics, glitters and shimmers, also require more energy to properly cure. Finally the use of a forced air dryer is far more efficient for thorough cure than the use of a radiant heat unit.

AVAILABLE SIZES: QUART (cases available), GALLON (cases available)


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