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Liquid Renu-It® - Liquid Stain Remover

Liquid Renu-It® - Liquid Stain Remover


  • $ 1595


LIQUID RENU-IT® is a semi-viscous ghost/image stain remover that is designed for all ink systems. This product cleans mesh of stains with less noticeable odor and works better than most paste stain removers.

Product Advantages:
  • Fast Acting
  • Biodegradable / Drain Safe
  • Low odor
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • High Load Capacity to Reduce Usage
  • Non-Hazardous / Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Payable
  • Mesh Safe
  • Contains a Proprietary Mesh Protector
  • Ideal for use on new fabric

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Tech Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

APPLICATION: Before using LIQUID RENU-IT®, remove all emulsion from the screen. Brush product on the ink side of a wet or dry screen. Agitate on both sides of the screen with a non-abrasive brush or pad and set aside for approximately 3-30 minutes.High pressure water rinse, spraying from the top bottom to top, on the print side of the screen. Reverse screen and high pressure rinse. Allow screen to dry.

AVAILABLE SIZES: Quart, 5 Gallon

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